About Carpet Pad

What You Need to Know About Carpet Cushion

How does cushion work?

Cushion absorbs foot traffic and makes carpet feel better and last longer. Better quality cushion blocks moisture, fights stains and odors, minimizes sound transfer between rooms, provides thermal insulation and increases air flow between the floor and your carpet for better and more efficient vacuuming.

Will carpet cushion protect my carpet from wearing out?

Today’s carpet rarely wears out. Selecting the correct carpet cushion helps resist “uglying out” due to premature matting and crushing – and now soiling and staining.

How do I know what to buy?

Decide based on comfort, performance and a warranty that’s right for you. Typically, softer, luxurious cushion is found in living rooms or master bedrooms, and carpet cushion with more support is used for certain precision-loop (Berber) carpets and areas with active use.

Who determines what’s the best carpet cushion – the manufacturers or my retailer?

You do. Place different carpet cushions under a piece of carpet you plan to buy. Walk on it. Cheaply made cushion just doesn’t feel good underfoot. Next, check out the warranty and the extra functions like moisture barriers and odor and stain control.

What about these new spill and odor technologies, and how effective are they?

Spill and odor fighting capabilities are the latest advancements in carpet cushion. Leading brands include Odor-Eaters®, and Arm & Hammer®. They are exceptionally effective, and they work for the life of your carpet cushion.

Are they safe for my family?

They’re so safe that there are no regulations or warnings required.

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