Best carpet for high traffic areas

Best carpet for high traffic areas

If you need carpeting that is both tough and trendy for high-traffic areas in your home, fiber and style are two of the factors that determine how well a carpet will stand up to abrasion and stains.

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Loop vs. cut pile

Short loop pile carpeting offers maximum durability since dirt remains close to the surface. If you prefer a cut pile style or a style created by cutting the tips of the loops, choose a product with tightly twisted or turned fibers that won't unravel. A 5.0 or 6.0 TPI (turns per inch) is ideal.


Nylon is the long-time favorite carpet fiber. It bounces back after it's stepped on, so it can maintain its like-new look. It even bounces back when heavy furniture is removed. Newer triexta is also a durable fiber that, like nylon, is very stain resistant.

Designed for pet owners

Carpeting designed with pet owners in mind is ideal for high-traffic areas. Mohawk SmartStrand, an example of this floor covering, features Advanced Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield. Because of this pet-friendly protection system, the carpet is easy to clean and hard to stain.


It's essential to place high-quality padding beneath carpeting since it protects from wear. Specifically, it absorbs the impact of footsteps. Most padding is made from bonded foam or rebond. This material is commonly found in furniture and mattresses.

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