Carpet Flooring

Nylon vs. Polyester: What's the difference?

So you’ve decided that you want carpet for your next floor covering. But the question remains: Nylon or Polyester? Indeed, both have their advantages. Let’s look at them.


A tried and true fiber, nylon has been on the market since the beginning. It is a solid and durable fiber. When it is in the factory, usually a stain-resistant chemical is applied to it. It retains its look years after installation; it's that strong. Nylon handles heavy furniture well, and you can’t tell where it has been sitting after you’ve moved it because it springs back into place. It works well in hallways, family rooms, and dining rooms, where there is a lot of foot traffic.


Polyester, on the other hand, is about vibrant colors and beauty. In contrast to nylon, which kind of has a dull hue to it. Polyester is highly resistant to stains but isn't as durable as nylon. So you might want to consider it in a lower traffic area, like a bedroom. A child’s room or teenager’s room would pop with the colors that polyester offers. It’s made from recycled plastic bottles, so the fiber is more cost-effective than nylon and less expensive.

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