What determines carpet flooring lifespans?

What determines carpet flooring lifespans?

When you're ready to choose the best carpeting for your home, you want a lasting floor. The good news is that there are plenty that meets this need.

What determines the lifespan of a superb carpet? We have some facts that should help you understand this part of carpet shopping.

Durable floors last longer

The bottom line is that the most durable floors last longer, no matter what material. With carpet, this can mean added benefits to help it hold up under different situations.

If you have pets or children, you'll want a floor covering that resists stains and wear to start. Many brands now offer products with built-in stain resistance to help give you peace of mind in this area.

If you have less traffic, no pets, and no children, a regular nylon carpet could give you the lifespan you need. It's an excellent choice for high traffic and resists crushing and matting.

Extended protection for your floors

Some homeowners also use area rugs and runners to keep traffic off the surface of their flooring. This reduces wear and damage that can be associated with high traffic.

These added to your carpeting can also help to trap dirt and debris for easier cleaning. And in specific areas, they can catch spills that might turn into permanent stains.

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