Can you put double padding under my new carpet for comfort?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“Don Lovato back, again. So here’s a really big one. This one’s really interesting. Oftentimes people will want extra, soft cushion under foot underneath the carpet, so they’ll ask us if they can go ahead and put double pad down. And we can’t unfortunately.

The manufacturer will not allow it and nor is it practical because what’ll happen is there are tack boards installed close to the wall all around the perimeter of a room when you’re putting down carpet with cushion underneath it. And so carpet, when it’s stretched over the pad and it’s tacked on and rubbed under those tack strips, it’ll actually pop off because imagine this. A carpet is stretched in like a trampoline, if you will. It’s taut from the perimeter. It pulls it all toward the edges. While if the cushion is too thick and too bouncy, what’ll happen is it will break the backing of the carpet. It will delaminate it. In addition to that, it’ll pop the tack strips off around the perimeter and cause a carpet to just lay loose, and that’s a pretty big challenge. You can trip. You’ll ruin the carpet, and you’ll get big waves in there, like waves in the ocean. So unfortunately double-padding cannot be done, but it is a very frequently asked question.

So there is an antidote for that though. If you’d like really soft cushion at this time, at the moment, at the time that we’re creating this video, there’s a cushion that we have called Courage. And that cushion is about a half-inch thick, and it’s very soft. It’s literally like walking on a pillow. It’s very, very soft. You can put it over any carpet. Even if it’s a medium-quality carpet or if it’s a low-quality carpet, it’ll feel really plush and really deep. So the cushion makes a big difference.

Cushion always makes a carpet last longer as well, so you don’t always have to get the very highest-quality carpet. But if you get a medium-quality carpet with a very high-quality cushion, you can actually almost double the life of that carpet. So, ask questions, give us a call, and we’d be glad to help you. Thanks, again.“