Can you run wires under my carpet during my installation?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“We’re often asked if we can run wires under carpeting and sometimes even hard surface flooring. Because of the ridge and the height difference, I would not recommend running wires under any type of hard surface flooring. Whether that be ceramic, porcelain tile, laminate, hardwood, LVP, LVT, I do not recommend that. Carpeting is not an issue. Typically, if you use a pad thick enough and the carpet is not a flat, woven Berber type carpet or commercial carpet, it’s pretty to go ahead and run those wires. We don’t actually run it under the padding, we run it through the padding.

In other words, we’ll make a slice in the padding. Hopefully, the wire that you’re running or cable, coaxial, or whatever you’re running is thinner than that padding. That way it can just run through the padding. We can put a piece of duct tape on top, put the carpet on top, stretch it in, done deal. Hard surface, again I do not recommend that you do that. In that case, you’d probably want to run it behind the baseboards, or through the walls, or look into a wireless system.”