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How messy is it to remove old flooring for installation of the new carpet or flooring?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“Another question we receive often is, “How messy is it when you’re installing laminate flooring, hardwood, and vinyl flooring?” The answer is that it can get pretty messy. What we try to do is we try to have you get rid of all your valuables, breakables, and that sort of thing in advance, so that way when we come in, if we have to remove ceramic tile or if we have to remove any kind of vinyl flooring, even laminate flooring, but even carpet. Whenever those things get pulled up, there’s a lot of dust that gets kicked up. If you have someone in the family that has asthma, you may want them to be in another space until the installation is done and everything has been dusted down, because that can really affect them, I’m sure.”