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How much extra carpet will I need if I order a patterned carpet?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“Hi, Don Lovato again. So this is a really big topic for us to discuss. This is not a question that people ask, but it’s something they should be asking, and here it is. Whenever you select a carpet that has a pattern, a lot of times they don’t take into consideration how much carpet you’re going to have left over because whenever you seam that carpet, unless you’re doing one small room, you’re going to have to probably have a seam. So in order to make that seam match, just imagine a pattern on a carpet. In order to cut it and make that seam match, you have to match it vertically and then you have to match it horizontally, so you end up with a lot of waste. And often, in a lot of cases, it ends up being in 30 to 35% range. Sometimes it can get lower into the mid-20’s, but often it’s in the mid-30’s range of waste.

So if you can imagine, if you have a 1000 square foot house, and the average waste is 10 or 15%, let’s just say you need 1150-square-feet of carpet, instead of ordering 1150 square feet of carpet, you would actually need to order 1350 to maybe 1400 square feet of carpet to make that pattern match work. And of course you’re paying for that. So be careful when selecting a carpet that has a pattern because, well, there’s a couple of reasons. One is that waste factor. The other one is for decor. Most of the carpets that we sell that have patterns – in fact, nearly all of them – they have a long life. They’re going to last 10, 15, 20, even 35 years depending on the one. And if you are going to have a carpet that’s got a patter, just take into consideration that things change, patterns change, taste change, styles change, and you could be locked in with that pattern for a really long time. So I would encourage you to go with something that’s a pattern that has a random patter in it with no match, whatsoever, so that way you don’t get tired of it. So you don’t have to worry about matching drapes, you don’t have to worry about matching sofa patterns, and those kinds of patterns whenever you’re decorating because the carpet could actually fight with that. It could just conflict completely. So make sure to take that into consideration.“