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If another contractor wants my carpet removed a few days before the new carpet installation, can you do this?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“We’re often asked, “When can the carpet be removed, and what should we expect during that process?” A lot of times, painting contractors find it a little bit easier for them if the carpet is removed ahead of time. I would agree it is easier for them. However, if the house is fully furnished, that would require moving the furniture twice on our part and replacing it twice to remove the carpet to make the job easier for the painter, which is not that efficient for us and can be costly for you as a consumer. What I would advise is that you just have the painter or you as a homeowner even can take a utility knife and move away from the wall. In other words, go up against the wall, move into the room about four inches, and just slice straight down. Cut the carpet out completely and then peel it away. It’s really a simple process.

Sometimes, people think that the carpet is nailed down, or it’s stapled down on the edges, or even the baseboards are trapping it in. That’s not the case. All you do after you cut it out, again just basically cutting a border four to six inches away from the walls all the way around the room. Take a pair of pliers once that’s done and just pull up on it. The tacks are holding the carpet down. All you do is just pull that. Once you get it coming, it just gets momentum, and you take it right out. That way you make the painter’s job a lot easier, and neither you nor I nor the painter have to go and move the furniture twice, in and out.”