I heard that carpet is bad for someone with allergies or asthma, is that true?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“The question about allergies in carpet is something that I think people should ask more about, with regard to, “Does carpet increase allergic symptoms or decrease?” I believe that it decreases allergic symptoms. There’s a video on our website; go to the main part of the site and you’ll see there’s a video called “Allergy Video”. That video is extensive research done in Europe showing that carpet acts as a filter. It grabs all those different loose particles in the air, because obviously they fall down to the floor, and it holds them, kind of like a filter would. So, if you have your carpet cleaned more often, then, of course, it’s like cleaning a filter, you can get rid of those things. However, if you don’t get your carpet cleaned often, then that’s where it becomes a problem for the person that has asthma or any kind of breathing problems.”