Painless process

Old Process
  • Huge overhead (storefront, employees, utilities, etc.)
  • Several trips to select just the right product
  • Store lighting: fluorescent, artificial
  • Selection time of 2-4 weeks from selecting to ordering
  • Impersonal multitasking, several clients to wait on
  • Inconvenient, clustered, antiquated methods
  • No specialization in any one field
Our Process
  • Low overhead (van)
  • Usually one visit to YOU for selecting
  • Your home’s lighting, where the carpet will be
  • Selection time of a couple of hours
  • Personal, undivided attention
  • Convenient, in your own home
  • We specialize in flooring, so you work with Experts
The Old Process or Box Store Process: 2-3 Weeks Minimum
You visit the store, usually dragging kids around and rushing, after work (or during a weekend when you have better things to do), and start overwhelmed by the thousands of choices and information overload. You may also have a difficult time getting waited on and if you do, at the Big Box stores, it may be done begrudgingly by “Mike from the Pluming dept” to help you or at least try to.

You now have the disadvantage of artificial, fluorescent lighting, an incredible amount of overhead due to the cost of maintaining that Retail Showroom or Big Box store with employees and property taxes and high rent, utilities, etc. The average customer, it has been surveyed bounces back and forth between the store and home 4-5 times before they pick a color, primarily because they couldn’t make quality choices very well. You take home samples initially selected in fluorescent lighting or outside the environment it is being installed in; finally out of frustration you select a color, not because you fall in love with it.

Color is the primary reason people select a carpet or flooring, color is sometimes chosen over quality, because it doesn’t matter if it performs well if it doesn’t coordinate and harmonize to improve the look of your home. Next you’re scheduled for an estimate and pay up to $75 for it to be completed up to a week later. Your estimator shows up, hopefully on time, and then can’t quote the you because they have to process the estimate, sometimes through a central office out of state!

Often you have to come in to the Showroom to receive the formal estimate and make yet another trip with children in tow. If you decide to change to the type of flooring because you aren’t pleased with the quote, depending on the style (patterned carpet or product change), the estimator may have to go back yet again and measure for that type of flooring.

After careful analysis, it’s been discovered that fully 80% of products shown on a traditional Showroom Floor are rarely sold, so why create the overhead to display them?

Our Painless Process: 1-2 Hours Total!
With busy families today who has time to shop all over town for flooring? At Carpet Source just call us to schedule a FREE, No Obligation appointment, usually within 24-48 hrs one of our factory trained representatives will bring one of the “At-Your-Door-Floor-Stores” to you to assist you in selecting the perfect Color and a beautiful Style you expect. You will have a uniformed representative Promptly show up, prepared to explain to and describe to you the top Name Brand flooring products with full factory warranties.

Your new flooring will be selected in Your home, in Your lighting in the environment it is to be installed in, so that you can compare with Your paint and furnishings. Your representative will be a professional who specializes in flooring and has a wealth of experience and knowledge so that we may answer any of your questions, with patience and courtesy. Your estimate will be done at no charge and with absolutely no obligation, you’d think that by having a professional consultation and the added convenience of never leaving your home that you would pay more for specialized service like this, but with our Low Overhead Approach and our Huge buying power, YOU WILL SAVE 30-50%.

You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality service, value and biggest saving because we have a $110 million buying power behind us, so we buy it better and pass on the saving to you by Eliminating Middleman Markup. It begs the question , Why should you be penalized for someone else’s overhead?

If you choose to use our service, the material will be ordered and arrive promptly within 5-10 business days in most cases, and will be scheduled shortly there after for professional installation.

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