Vacuums for Soft Shaw Caress Carpet


Vacuum selection is important

Proper matching of the vacuum with the carpet is as much a factor in the care of your carpet as it is with the performance of the vacuuming operation. A good vacuum will be both simple and effortless in operation, and also gentle enough to handle the ultra-soft fibers in Caress by Shaw products.

Why does Caress by Shaw require special vacuuming considerations?

Because the fibers of Caress by Shaw are so soft and plush, the total surface density is much higher. This increases suction between the vacuum cleaner head and the carpet surface, thereby making it more difficult to maneuver the machine.

The ultra-soft fibers of Caress by Shaw also require a gentler cleaning action so as to avoid unnecessary wear. It’s important to know that some vacuums have overly aggressive action, which may damage the surface of your carpet.

What makes a vacuum a good fit for Caress by Shaw carpet?

Shaw has conducted extensive testing and worked with many vacuum manufacturers to identify suitable vacuum models for use on soft carpets. Some identified characteristics shared among these models include, but are not limited to:

  • Adjustable height brush roll
  • Light weight
  • Large wheel size
  • Adjustable motor speed
  • Optional brush roll control

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of characteristics, and some vacuums without these attributes may work perfectly well with ultra-soft carpets.

Will I need to purchase a new vacuum?

It’s possible you already own a vacuum cleaner that performs well on Caress by Shaw. To know for sure, test your vacuum in an inconspicuous area, such as a closet or on a scrap piece from installation. Does the machine move easily across the carpet’s surface? Examine the test area carefully to determine if any abrasion of the fibers has occurred.

Which vacuum models are suitable?

Several vacuum manufacturers have helped identify suitable vacuum cleaners to use on Caress by Shaw carpets. Please note that many other vacuums may work on different Caress carpets, but the following list reflects models that work effectively on all Caress styles. Note also that testing is ongoing, and manufacturers are continually developing new vacuum models. The list will be updated periodically.