Should I be concerned about formaldehyde in my flooring? Does the flooring that you sell contain formaldehyde?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“This is a question that a lot of people should ask, but they really don’t. I don’t think they know enough about it because they’re not in the industry. “Is formaldehyde in carpet and is it in flooring?” And the answer to that question is yes, yes it is in a lot of them. Is it in the ones that we offer? No, not at all. Most of your Chinese floors and I mean most of your Chinese laminate floors, hardwood floors, et cetera, definitely have something called volatile organic compounds, and/or formaldehyde in it.

The products that we sell are made in America; they’re sometimes grown, like the bamboo is grown in China, but it’s brought back to Dalton, Georgia, the world’s capital for flooring, and it’s manufactured there with really, really high standards with regard to off-gassing. We cal them the European standards or EO. The flooring that we offer in general speaking, is usually very very low or zero off-gassing. Carpeting on the other hand, most of it has really low VOC. I don’t think any of it that I know of has zero VOC, but it has very, very low VOC as long as it’s made in America, here in California, or in Dalton, Georgia.”