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Stainmaster® Carpet Cushion

The Foundation for Lasting Carpet Beauty
New Stainmaster® carpet cushion, featuring a breathable moisture barrier from Dupont™ called Hytrel®, makes cleaning your carpet easier. It protects the sub-floor from damage and prevents spills from wicking back to the surface causing recurring stains Stainmaster® cushion works in many ways. First, it’s guaranteed to lengthen the life of all carpets by absorbing foot traffic, reducing wear and tear as well as improving the comfort level of your carpet. Next, it protects the floor from moisture, makes spills easier to clean up. Also available is an additional option, ODOR GUARD, an enzyme technology, that fights pet, kid, and other odor-causing spills. Comparision illustration of photos showing with and without Stainmaster - carpet back, carpet cushion and subfloor
Two identical carpets were equally stained with fruit punch, then professionally cleaned using the hot water extraction method. The carpet with STAINMASTER® carpet cushion and the DuPont™ Hytrel® moisture barrier shows no evidence of the spill, thus reducing the potential for reappearing stains and odors.

The final part of this new, complete STAINMASTER® carpet system is an odor and spot remover. It’s an easy-to-apply spray with natural enzymes that attack and destroy odor-causing organic matter left on the carpet. Used with STAINMASTER® carpet cushion, it’s the ultimate safeguard against pet odors and stains.
Stainmaster® carpet cushion, the only cushion that adds more years to your Stainmaster® carpet warranty and makes it even easier to keep your Stainmaster® carpet clean and beautiful.

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