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Which floors require floor protectors?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“What are floor protectors, and which floors require them? This is a floor protector. This particular floor protector has a ring on it, it’s really sharp, and it taps into the bottom of any wooden leg, or any wood portion of furniture. There are also straight felt types that you can peel and stick on the bottom. I don’t recommend those unless you’re going to hot glue in addition to supplement the adhesion, because those fall off pretty easily, so I definitely would recommend hot gluing those for additional adhesion.

Why do you need them and which floors should they go on? You need them in order to protect the floor – any kind of floor, anything from ceramic and porcelain tile, to laminate, LVP, LVT. Carpeting doesn’t need it. Bamboo, cork, hardwood, those kinds of floors definitely need them, because if you slide furniture over that, and that wood furniture or metal furniture comes straight in contact with your new floor, there will be no protection, and it’ll definitely scratch it. so I would highly recommend that you put a floor protector on them, besides the fact that the manufacturer requires it in order to keep it from scratching and keep the flooring under warranty.”