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Who moves the furniture and how should it be prepared for the installers?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“The best way to prepare to have your furniture moved whenever you’re putting in new carpeting or flooring, is to remove all the contents, make it light, and clear everything off the top. For example, if you have a desk, it needs to be disassembled. Usually, a homeowner will be responsible for disassembling and reassembling, we will move it back and forth. If you have bookshelves full of books, go ahead and remove all the contents, all the books, box them up. We don’t mind moving the boxes for you, just have everything pre-boxed. We’ll even move the bookshelves back and forth if they’re not built-in. If you have dressers, chest of drawers, and things like that, bedding, remove all the bedding, disassemble the bed to the best of your ability, and we will move it back and forth.

We don’t mind doing the heavy lifting; it’s just all the assembly and all the preparation that you need to do ahead of time. Chest of drawers, dressers; if you clear all your valuables and you pull all your drawers out; disassemble all that, we’ll go ahead and put them on glides. We have these special glides, and we just slide them to another room, complete the flooring in that room, and then slide them right in. Hopefully, that helps in showing how you need to prepare your rooms properly for flooring installation.”