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Who removes and replaces my furniture, appliances and toilets for the installation process?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“One more common question that we receive from our clients is, who moves the furniture as well as the appliances and toilets during a new flooring installation? And the answer is that it can happen both ways. Either the consumer can do it, or we, as a company, can do it for you. There are some stipulations or you just have to prepare really well. Declutter, box some things up, that sort of thing.

For example, if we’re moving a kitchen, and you happen to have a buffet in there, or any type of a refrigerator that is just loaded with things that can easily spill over, you’re going to want to get those things out ahead of time. We’ll time it accordingly with you, so that way nothing goes bad. But what we’ll do is we’ll go ahead and have you take all those things out, we will put the refrigerator on a dolly, move it into another room, reconnect it, which allows you to put all those perishables right back in. With regard to the appliances, if you have a water line or a gas stove for your range that needs to be disconnected, we can certainly do that for you. We’ll move the appliances out of the installation area, and then whenever they need to go back in, we will reposition those for you. But you will need to get a licensed plumber to reconnect. Same thing goes with the toilets. We’ll go ahead and shut the water line off, take those two bolts off, pull the toilet, set it somewhere, for the moment.

Once the flooring installation is done, it will require that you get a licensed plumber or handyman in there to go ahead and reinstall that. I also highly recommend that, while you’re reinstalling that toilet that you go ahead and get a new wax ring, and a new supply line, because those usually go bad. When they’re not touched for a really long time, they tend to be OK, but once you do, they tend to go bad shortly thereafter, if you try to reuse them. So I would highly recommend getting a new water supply line for the toilet, a new wax ring for that toilet. And lastly, probably a new water supply line for your ice maker and refrigerator.”