Why are some bamboo flooring products more durable than others, and is it realistic to use bamboo for flooring?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“Another question I get often with regard to bamboo flooring is, “Is bamboo suitable for flooring, and is it durable?” The answer is yes and no. What I mean is that bamboo takes about six months to grow 100 feet tall. But it takes five and a half to seven years to get really hard enough to be a floor. Prior to that, it’s not mature enough and a lot of companies, probably 95% of them out there that manufacture bamboo, they will harvest it at about three years and it’s really too soft. It’s about as soft as fur and pine flooring or pine wood, I should say. If you go over the seven years then you have a whole separate problem. Then it’s hard and brittle and not suitable for flooring either. So that sweet spot is between five and a half and seven years. That’s the best time to harvest bamboo to make it a really, really durable floor.”