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Will my new carpet look darker or lighter after you install it?


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“Hi. Okay, we’re back. So here’s a really big question that people should be asking and they don’t. Again, this is very important. When carpet comes in, a lot of folks presume that it looks darker on the floor when it goes down or the same and it does not. It always, I shouldn’t say always, but nine times, nine and a half times out of ten, it looks a good amount lighter, shade, shade and a half lighter down on the floor. The reason for it is not that the carpet is received lighter or is it dyed lighter or anything like that. What happens is it’s all about lighting. If you have a lot of windows, skylights and you’re in a well-lit home, very naturally well-lit home, that sun’s gonna come in and it’s gonna light up the ceiling and it’s gonna light up the walls and it’s gonna create a reflection, and that reflection is what actually makes it look lighter.

Now, I should have mentioned this. It looks lighter during the day when the sun’s out. In the evening, it’s gonna look like the sample, whatever you selected. So just make sure you take that into consideration whenever you select your carpet because the last thing you wanna do, according to most of our clients, is they don’t want anything too light. They think that’s a big mistake. So, in order to avoid that mistake, make sure to select something that is a color that’s, of course, not too light. It’s gonna be, hopefully, low maintenance for you and beautiful and bright and make the house look very, very cheerful.

Thank you. Make sure to check out our website if you have any more questions about anything else or check out the rest of the videos that we have. Because we have lots of questions answered. Some of them are frequently asked and some of them are not asked at all, but we went ahead and volunteered to put them together for you.“