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Will my new carpet show footprints


Here is a transcription, if you prefer to read instead:

“Hi, Don Lovato again. Here’s a really big question that people ask when they ask. We don’t get it very often, but when they ask it’s a big issue. And so what they wanna know is will my carpet show footprints? In my household, if it doesn’t show footprints, my wife doesn’t want it. However, there are clients that do not like to see them. So there are not that many carpets that fit that criteria. It would probably have to be almost a commercial type carpet with a loop and very short pile because, of course, the less dense and the taller the pile and of course the softer the fiber, the more of an impression it’s going to show. Again, in our household, my wife likes that because it looks very luxurious according to her. She likes the vacuum marks and the footprints to show. It kind of looks like velvet, so it looks kind of luxurious to her.

So we do have some clients that don’t like that and that’s okay. So we do have a few carpets that don’t show them at all. Some patterned carpets, even though they have a pattern in them, they don’t really disguise the footprints. We’ve had a couple of clients order and not even ask us the question. They just presumed that, if it had a pattern, it wasn’t going to show the footprints. And sure enough, because it was ultra-soft, it did show. Some of the patterns do not show, but some of them do. Probably 50/50 right now cause right now the trend at the time that we’re creating this video, the trend is to go with really soft carpet. So make sure to ask that question. It’s very important because, once that carpet goes down, it’s very hard to get it replaced. And it’s a lot of action, a lot of hassle on your end and on our end to get it all done as well. So make sure to ask that question because it’s very important.“